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Statement prints, stylish slogans, soft cotton finishes explore the latest collection of women�s tshirts from Lipsy and find your allday, everyday favorite. Offduty plans call for a chic, shortsleeved tshirt teamed with trusty denim or timeless wideleg trousers. Feel like upping the glamour? Choose a sequin tshirt or standout motif, adding skyhigh heels for those aftersix celebrations.

Lipsy Grey Reindeer Regular Christmas T-Shirt (K13160) | €19
Lipsy Black Gold Regular Sequin T-Shirt (K13176) | €48
Lipsy Black Fizz Regular Christmas T-Shirt (K13159) | €19
Lipsy Black Sequin Raglan T-Shirt (P99987) | €24
Lipsy Red Santa Paws Regular Christmas T-Shirt (K13165) | €19
Lipsy Pink Sequin Raglan T-Shirt (K04740) | €24
Lipsy Grey Snowflake Regular Christmas T-Shirt (K13172) | €20
Lipsy Bronze Sequin Front T-Shirt (K13158) | €30
Lipsy Black Cornelli Artwork Detail T-Shirt (R62392) | €28
Lipsy Black Regular Blocked T-Shirt (R58926) | €16
Lipsy Black Gold Curve Sequin T-Shirt (P73564) | €48
Lipsy White Regular Blocked T-Shirt (Q11059) | €16